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J2 led another cultural event for our Gakuen, this time building the traditional Hinamatsuri display for our younger students to assemble in front of and take gorgeous photos in their yukatas.


Our J2 students tapped into their inner Oni to help the younger children celebrate Setsubun, awaiting the flurry of beans.They even made ehomaki for everyone at the school for good luck.

Holiday Greetings!

We celebrated the close of 2015 with a funtastic presentation by all of our students. Y1 told us their plans for the future and sang with joy, J1 showed us how they're ready to go shopping in Japan, and J2 read classic Japanese tales to our Y1s.  Warmest wishes for an incredible holiday season for all!.

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Y1 class made adorable turkeys and wrote what they are thankful for on each colorful feather.  We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and look forward to seeing everyone when we get back in December.


Our J2 students cooked up scary (but delicious) Japanese-inspired treats for the younger students on Halloween, who decorated them while dressed in some of the best costumes we've seen in years!

New School Year Begins

Welcome back to a new school year, Gakuen families.  We look forward to sharing more language, more activities, more culture and more fun with you!

J1 and J2 Student Field Trip to LACMA Samurai Exhibit

In January, J1 and J2 students from Venice Gakuen attended the Samurai exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, learning about the rich history and ceremonial aspects of samurai armor and weaponry.

Gakuen Helps Celebrate Shinnen Enkai

Calligraphy work by our Gakuen students were on display at the 2015 VJCC Shinnen Enkai banquet in January.  Students from our Y1 and Y2 classes also peformed a series of songs in Japanese for the delighted audience.

Children's Oshogatsu Workshop at JACCC

The annual Children's Oshogatsu Workshop will be held at the JACCC on Monday, December 29 from 10am-3pm. 

"By sharing traditions with our children, we can pass on not only the rituals but also the spirit of the holidays for the new generation. Engage your child in this one-day Oshogatsu workshop, where children will participate in hands-on craft activities and demonstrations led by local artists and community members.


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is running an exhibit on Japanese Armor from now through February 1, 2015.  Over 140 objects including armor, helmets, weapons and other gear from the 12th through 19th centuries are on display, a stunning combination of beauty and danger.

Kinro Kansha No Hi


Venice Gakuen will be celebrating Kinro Kansha No Hi on November 23rd.  "Labor Thanksgiving Day (Kinro Kansha no Hi in Japanese) is actually a modern name for an ancient ritual called Niinamesai (Harvest Festival). In the ritual, the Emperor makes the season's first offering of freshly harvested rice to the gods and then partakes of the rice himself."  Please bring a special person to join our class at 10 for activities and at 11 for a Japanese treat prepared by our J1 and J2 students and a performance by our Y1 and Y2 students.

Halloween Fun


Venice Gakuen students celebrated Halloween this year by creating "boo-tiful" jack-o-lanterns out of mochi rice balls and decorating them with nori (seaweed) while the J1 and J2 students delivered presentations on mythical Japanese monsters.

Venice Gakuen New School Year


Our new school year will kick off on Saturday, September 6th.  We look forward to seeing all students at 9am!  Parents, please stop by the office and fill out a new registration packet and VJCC membership form (if needed).  If you're thinking about joining a Venice Gakuen class for the first time, give us a call or email us about sitting in on a class.

Gakuen Student Wins JAL Haiku Award


Congratulations to Venice Gakuen's Y-2 student Katie Yuling Miya for winning the Los Angeles division of The World's Children Haiku Contest sponsored by the JAL Foundation and Japan Airlines!  Katie's work will be published in a special anthology in the coming months.

Venice Gakuen at the VJCC Annual Summer Festival


The VJCC Annual Summer Festival will be held on June 21 and 22. Be sure to stop by our Venice Gakuen activity booth for fun crafts and culture!  We'll also be selling boba tea and fruit tea drinks at our food booth and our Y1 and Y2 students will perform a selection of songs on Saturday at 1:30pm. For more information on the festival, go to

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