Venice Gakuen Objective


To deliver a thorough and vibrant Japanese cultural experience along with language development. Classes are a combination of written and activity-based learning, rooted in immersion learning techniques so that students of all levels and backgrounds can join in.  Written and conversational lessons delivered in the classroom and supplemented with textbooks as well as activities that celebrate Japanese holidays, incorporate ethnic foods and cooking, and field trips to local cultural institutions.


Y-1, Y-2


In Y-1, kindergarten and first grade students learn the Japanese phonetic script hiragana. Y2 second and third grade students develop the writing format katakana.  Both grades learn basic vocabulary, essential conversational phrases, Japanese crafts, songs, foods and holiday traditions.  Classese are conducted by the teacher (sensei) in Japanese utilizing both traditional lectures and activity-based learning via arts and crafts or cultural activities.



The main focus of this course in in writing, reading and conversation. Students begin and continuously learn the kanji system of writing. Furthermore, they have to opportunity to create and present reports on Japanese history and contemporary culture; converse in Japanese, create regional foods and observe holiday traditions. Additional activities include developing reports and presentations on Japanese culture and history, monthly active learning sessions such as cooking Japanese foods and presenting them to the entire Gakuen.


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