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The Beginning

A Japanese community established in the current areas known as Culver City and Marina Del Rey founded the community center in 1921. By 1931, the community was composed of an association made up by farmers, judo school and Venice Gakuen (established in 1925).

The early Venice Gakuen was established by eminent Issei pioneers of the area concerned with the preservation of the Japanese language and culture among their children.


Our Program


Our program provides instruction in all areas of the Japanese language – reading, writing and conversation – for practical communication. We also emphasize familiarity with the traditions and culture of Japan. Students participate in Japanese traditional arts, Japanese literature and poetry, crafts, games, cooking, calligraphy and other cultural events throughout the year. For more information, click our Classes page.

Provide below are our class types these class types:

  • Youth Novice Level 1- K thru 2nd

  • Youth Novice Level 2- 3rd-6th

  • Junior Level 1- 7th and up    

All fluency level accepted for all class levels

Fees and Tuition

$700 tuition per academic year

  • Payable in 10 monthly installments of $70 each

$10 Registration Fee per academic year

$50 Material Fee* per academic year



​*All academic materials are provided for students. Snacks are not provided.

Class Schedule








Radio Taiso (Japanese Radio Exercise)

All families encouraged to participate

Period 1-Academic Material

Snack Break

Period 2-Academic Material

Restroom Break

Period 3-Cultural Material