A Japanese community established in the current areas known as Culver City and Marina Del Rey founded the community center in 1921. By 1931, the community was composed of an association made up by farmers, judo school and Venice Gakuen (established in 1925).

The early Venice Gakuen was established by eminent Issei pioneers of the area concerned with the preservation of the Japanese language and culture among their children.


Our approach to the Japanese language is to encompass the education of Japanese culture, tradition, and modern Japanese-American perception.


My father, grandfather, and I have been active members of the VJCC and like my father, I grew up going to the Venice Gakuen all the way through my High School Graduation. The beauty of being a part of this school is that you are connected with the long history of the Venice Japanese Community Center and I hope to continue the growth of my community!

Akinari Masato

Principal's Message

The Venice Japanese Community Center was established almost a hundred years ago to preserve, share and promote Japanese and Japanese American culture. The Center is available to everyone in the community to participate in the various classes, clubs and events offered at the Center. There are classes in Japanese language, music, martial arts and cultural arts, as well as activities of general interest such as dance, sports, exercise and personal well-being.

There are classes and programs available to all ages. Whether it is sports or martial arts for children after school and on weekends, or senior adult programs during the week, we try to offer a variety of activities and events that meet the needs of our community.

I welcome you to browse our website or stop by the Community Center to see if there are classes of interest to you. We are a non-profit volunteer organization. We greatly value and appreciate your contributions and continued support.